Netherlands Hailing R&B Vocalist Beginning Her Industry Ascent

Diving into a stellar debut album, incredible live performance style, and limitless vocal range in one of R&B's most talented artists

Gaidaa, an up and coming artist with an immensely unique voice, that made her first debut recently (and hails from the Netherlands) – is an interesting spot find in an ever increasing, talented pool of R&B singers. However, her music speaks for itself; If you're trying to vibe out, smoke, or just chill, try shuffling on any of the tracks off her new album Overture. The album cover, which features her face completely stripped of facial features in warmer colors (red, orange, yellow), fades alongside cracked paint potentially symbolizing the artwork inside.


The track Stranger features two other very ‘vibey’ and intellectual artists, Saba, and Jarreau Vandal. As she sings about how she “feel(s) like a stranger, Thinking she knew all the colors and the hues,”  but “there’s so much left untouched, although she’s closer than” she was its clear that the talented vocalist is just trying to figure herself out and her path, questioning if she knows or doesn’t know what she’s doing, but ultimately progressing along the way.


Falling Higher is a much more upbeat sound about how she wants more than she can. Trying to stay on track, Gaidaa works and then feels herself falling, not understanding and contradicting herself with her lyrics as with the title. She sings about acting tough but still not getting the results desired. 


This album is only the beginning, as you look through you see only three total songs in her discography before this, plus one acoustic version of a priorly released track. She has released A Storm on a Summers Day which talks about how she feels about someone and “never having a love that made  her feel that way.”  On a beautiful perfect day, she compares her love to that being interrupted unexpectedly by a storm, good with a mix of bad, but most importantly quick. Explaining that it “feels like yesterday,”  but it’s been five years and she “still loves everything about him.” After this release, there has also been an especially impressive COLORS release/performance of both Morning Blue and All In. 


With only three tracks and this incredible album, we definitely know and expect lots more to come. Make sure to check her out now before the blow up @gaidaaonthewebs on Instagram and us @engmtcent for more articles!