NC Native Mooky Shaking Up the Game with Mumble Rap Lyricism

Catching a buzz after recently dropping his newest track 'Resident Evil' Mooky proves he's here to stay

With a variety of artists constantly dropping and releasing (yes, there’s a difference) music at a faster pace, it’s become difficult for the average listener to keep up with the new trends and talent. Luckily for you, we’re seeking them out, so you don’t have to. This week, North Carolina rapper BoofPaxkMooky caught our attention with his low-fi trap beats & wavy mumble lyricism.

Mooky’s only dropped one album so far this year, however his 2 separate EP’s, titled Hell and Back and Laced Blunt 5, proved to be almost identical in popularity with his listeners. Many feel as if the generation of “Soundcloud Rap” is a wave meant to crash within the year, but realistically this genre’s here to stay for sometime. Disconnect yourself from distinguishing subgenre’s into trap, drill, gangsta, and emo and attempt to listen from a new perspective – one that blends and mixes all of the previously stated melodically. Personally, Mooky’s latest tracks and albums show similarity towards early Xavier Wulf and other artists who did not start in a professional studio. Rather than create vocals to add onto a beat, Mooky’s lyricism almost acts independently of his producer’s work, making it so unique.

Rumor has it, another album is currently being finalized before release in late 2020, which is something to look forward to as 2020’s been nothing but a headache. We can only assume the same from Mooky, as his last single dropped, Resident Evil, revolves around the ideology of becoming satisfied with his own demons. Whether it be a physical evil or a metaphorical embodiment within a woman – that’s up to you to decide.

New music has always proved value, no matter how long/short term it’s lived. Whether the discussion leads to grunge, which only lasted a decade, or hip hop, which so far has lasted roughly 50 years, both genres were able to deliver those drops of serotonin for some –which is arguably the sole reason for music’s necessity. However what we DO know is that BoofPaxkMooky is here to stay in this new wave of hip-hop.  

Make sure to check out his other tracks and latest album Garden on Spotify and Soundcloud, follow him on social media @boofpaxkmooky, & stay tuned for new updates via @engmtent for more from your next favorite underground artists on all social media platforms.

- RB