More Than Just a One-Hit Wonder

Not only an under appreciated artist, but an underrated film director too

We all know the mainstream pop rapper and Portland, Oregon native, Aminé, for his hit single Caroline that broke the internet and brought the heat all Spring and Summer back in 2017. The catchy playfulness of the lyrics, melody, and visuals to match were fun and impressive. But if this is all you know, or have taken the time to tune into, when it comes to him you’ve done yourself a grave disservice.


But never fear! We’re here to open your ears, and eyes, to the artistry behind this under appreciated artist and top of his game music video director.


We’ve all heard the expression “(insert artist name)doesn’t miss.” This expression especially rings true for Aminé and his wildly impressive catalog of visuals he’s built for himself post-Caroline.


Most recently, he released the visuals for his latest single Shimmy showing off his perfection in the art of hooks, lyrical ability from verse to verse, and continued evolution in his versatility. Add in the fact that it’s a nod to the legendary late Wu Tang Clan rapper Ol’ Dirty Bastard’s iconic track Shimmy Shimmy Ya and you’ve got yourself an artist in Aminé that really understands the game.


Where I believe Aminé separates himself from so many others in the music industry though is in his visuals, where the success he’s had has translated directly into an expansion in his fanbase and viewership alike.


To back this up, the visuals for Shimmy demonstrate some real cinematic ability. So much so, that maybe a career in film post-music for Aminé wouldn’t be such an earth shattering revelation for himself or his team as highly talented creatives.


He’s got a good eye for distinct variety in his camera movement, color scheme scene to scene, and an ability to mix up the looks we get shot for shot within this video alone. Not to mention, a good grasp on mixing in different visual mediums from film to digital camera work quick cutting scene to scene as well. This video along with others, demonstrate a pretty vast understanding as well of dynamic lighting in his scenes as well.


It’s impressive, to say the least. But then again, Aminé is more than just a rapper. He’s an artist, a true creative at heart and its videos such as these that match his creativity in the song itself so seamless that really put the true depth of his talents on display.


Shimmy isn’t the only example of his creative prowess though, other examples can be found in hit videos such as REEL IT IN and RED MERCEDES. Both of these videos are fairly high concept (RED MERCEDES especially) and for an artist that can be considered a fringe household name, and definitely a mainstream presence, they’re fairly low budget for someone of his stature. The idea of “doing more with less,” comes to mind when describing these videos. Its in this crossroads of being limited in resources provided that bring out the true artistic talent an artist possesses.


Aminé passes that test with flying colors. We for one at Enigmatic can’t wait to see what’s next for this star.


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