Midwest Native Freshie Making Major Noise with Latest Work

Cleveland rapper taking the next step with 'Ready or Not' project

This passed summer on July 31st Midwest artist Freshie dropped his latest, and best, work to date READY OR NOT. The Cleveland, Ohio trap rapper hadn’t dropped an album since back in 2019 when he released Bad Behavior but with standout tracks like Stick With It, reaching over 100 thousand plays has him rapping about keeping his stick with him, and going into lyrics about how intimate his relationship with money is that should be enough to give you the vibe for what Freshie provides his fans.


The orange artwork stands out more than any of his old tracks, as well as the raw lyricism on top of beats. MONOPOLY dropped the first of July and has streamed over 80 thousand plays, nearing the top song on the last album in just a month. Freshie raps about playing "with dat money," saying "it ain’t no damn monopoly," in other words he’s playing with real world money while the rest of you continue dreaming of playing. Continuing with bars about her knowing he’s "from the bottom so she started topping him," - while the squad with him moving "pack like a U-Haul."

BILLION opens with a techno-loop where you can expect the crazy 808 on it’s way. As it does, Freshie opens up saying he’s the one, he "need all the millions, but fuck it I need me a billion, in the street like a civilian while she give him brain and she’s brilliant." The un-shown feature, Dirtyboyzero, hops on for a verse and slides over the beat with a crazy transition. Going back and forth they rap if I double my, hold up, if i double my cup, that’s gon’ double my vision, I’m fucking that bitch he just mad that he didn’t. Switching flows and rhythmic patterns, going bar for bar, before Dirty boy jumps in rapping It’s some drugs in my body, some drugs he’s dealing. This is the hardest track from Freshie so far.


In the beginning, you can hear a newer Freshie singing over beats but the deeper you go, the harder it gets. For example, THE OLD ME, he sings about how "the old freshie wanted her to hold him." While he feels like he’s losing her when he’s rather be choosing her but he keeps refusing to, and confusing her. Back and forth in his mind about love or work and not being able to fully understand it himself. This was an amazing experiment aside from the usual Freshie we hear, that I hope to hear and expect to see more of. Fans need to check it out and experience some of the deep lyrics and emotion involved. 


If you want to bob your head with the homies, go to tracks like WHOLE OTHER. Produced by banbwoi as you hear for the famous tag, Freshie says he’s "on some whole other shit," that got him not able to "control the whip," let alone pose for a pic. "Sippin’ on medicine, if he’s outside he gon’ play with the stick, but he can’t even walk in no straight line."


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