Mello - Consequences (Official Video)

Mello re-releases visuals for 'Consequences' 

After being taken down due to production issues and labor disputes, Enigmatic Entertainment and Apopka native Mello teamed up to reacquire and re-release the popular visuals for the young artist's most popular song to date in 'Consequences'

Visuals courtesy of the uber talented and homegrown Nu.Turbo provide the flare and style needed to continue to help Mello turn heads around the city and state as he continues his climb up in the rap scene early on in 2019.

In an exclusive sit down with Enigmatic, Mello has promised that more is on the way not just in the music department but also in video content creation as well as performances too. We'll all be on the lookout to see if Mello is able to continue to capitalize on his rising popularity.