Meet The Voice of Generation Z, YungManny

Paving the road many were skeptical of, it's obvious YungManny speaks for the youth...

        Accompanying his first widespread viral break, this 17 year old from the DMV has tailored the industry to his liking - while making everybody ‘clap for ‘em’. YungManny from Bowie, MD, has invested 5 of the 17 years under his belt already honing an inventive, infectious, and ingenious style of hip-hop, sure to take Billboard by storm. With support from preexisting professional publication sources, such as The Washington Post, alongside each and every TikToker who uses his tracks as sounds, YungManny has grown more exponentially than arguably any other young, promising artist within the hip-hop charts.

Taking the first two years of his career to perfect his vision, the major streaming platforms took on Manny’s projects beginning in 2018 - beginning with Candela, containing his original trap-like style accompanied over a Miami/Cubano production style. The large-scale differential behind YungManny, compared to many other trap artists, hidden underneath the loud-spoken aggressive rhyme schemes, is the idea that stylistic performance does not necessarily correlate to the lyrical genius within each track. This being said, having grown up in the D[M]V, YungManny is relatively open in the act of not promoting gun violence towards his most recent years, having rather focused on creating overall appeal; However, with his style of trap and loud-spoken rap and R&B, you’d naturally associate him with other trap artists.

In the music video to his most recent release this June of Color Blind, purple plastic assault rifles are used in place of realistic props, similar to his track Bitcoin, which featured power drills. Color Blind is less than 10 days out of its release and has begun to do numbers unfamiliar to many DMV artists already. However, his largest and most successful project to date, featuring Flo Milli and Sada Baby, remains Clap For ‘Em.

So far for YungManny in 2021, we’ve only seen two single track releases - so it’s safe to assume something big is on the way. With the crazy momentum this young artist has already built, it’s going to be difficult to slow down anytime soon! Go check out his latest release Color Blind and keep up with him @yungmanny on IG, as well as us over at @engmtcent for more artist highlights, signing announcements, and interviews with some of the most promising artists and producers in the game!