MD Drill Artist Makes Headway Throughout 2021

Every so years, Drill sneaks back into playlists and makes a reestablishment on the music industry. Guess what? It's one of those years.

Black Fortune is ready to pioneer the next crazy drill wave as he hops from R&B to drill rap. It’s not the traditional drill music with whistling and simple lyrics, Black Fortune takes some of the realest lyrics and can place them over random, miscellaneous beats with voices and transition from place to place leaving listeners with time to reflect and remember lyrics after a few listens. Out of Landover, Maryland, Black Fortune hasn’t completely ditched the R&B, and can still deliver it nicely in even the most drill tracks.

After just one track in 2017, you can hear a huge difference going into 2019 from his R&B track No Pressure to Red People. Really, his latest work says it all. His album Osshrock, the second most present piece of work we've heard, is home to 13 absolute crazy tracks.

Starting with OsshWop, Black Fortune raps and yells how he got that straight drop, that make your face drop, that top notch, that OsshWop, feeling like 2pac, he’s got that moonrock. The chorus will have you banging your head within 10 seconds, we assure. He dives in further, rapping straight drop sipping got lean in the phantom, she wanna fuck me but only on camera, but she look like hannah montana. Then - jumping back into the chorus to remind you what he’s got.

Bankrupt off the OSSHLORD album has been the largest breakthrough so far, where Fortune says you broke as fuck hating on the sideline. Going in, he says he’s Pippen with the red dot, shooting at your legs yelling run forest run, unlocking memories you can vividly picture and remember from your childhood. He manages to brings R&B into this tough of a song singing hoe you mad I said I love you, but then I sobered up and realized he was just talking shit.

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- D.A.