Marco XO Previews Another New Single

Promising Evolution for a Talented Artist

Continuing to await the long-anticipated debut project since signing with Seeing Sounds Records out on the West Coast, not to mention a return to his hometown for a show, fans of Marco XO should feel optimistic about both of those possibilities happening before the summer’s up.

After releasing hit tracks like Mars and Solis this past Spring, Marco has been living in the studio since his performance in May at Miami’s Fifth Annual Rolling Loud.

Hinting at new music, new visuals, and even a potential Summer show in Orlando soon the Orlando native has come through on the first of those three promises with his new track Nova.

For those that have followed the talented lyricist since his start a half decade ago, Marco’s always been known for his high quality and soothing beats to match with high level bars.

What’s been most impressive leading up to his newest project, and on full display with Nova, is his ability to manipulate both delivery, flow, and his own voice in order to stay true to his own artistic abilities while also playing off melodic and mainstream hip-hop conventions. One could compare it to the likes of Playboi Carti, Lil Uzi, and others.

It’s always been a matter of when, not if, the talented young gun (now turned industry veteran) will blow.

He’s seemed to be on the verge of it with this next project since the release of Mars and Nova does nothing but positively reinsure those inclinations.

Make sure to check out Novanow streaming on all platforms worldwide.