Los Angeles Gives Way to a New Alt/Pop Star

With the pandemic causing many artists to rebrand - DeathByRomy opens up the Emo Alt/Pop genre once again.

Los Angeles has yet another superstar, DeathbyRomy has been releasing music since 2017. With a massive upcoming starting amidst the pandemic we got to hear what sounds and looks like a perfect rebranding. Her first track Tiempo could be labelled as a slightly aggressive rap/pop vibe, over an arguable drill style beat. To now making insane alternative pop with a dark side.

DeathbyRomy’s biggest track Problems is over a light piano where she explains trying to block out the world and how she does so. DeathbyRomy sings I like coke, but only if your mixing it with Jack, going further to explain how she has to many problems for all the worlds problems. Asking her love why, when we both got problems, why wont they help Romy solve them. Saying how she loves this person but they don't and this is how she needs to cope. Later on rapper 24kGoldn had decided to hop on the track to speak on his own issues. 

In 2020 DeathbyRomy released True Crime with the group DREAMERS, a rock band out of Seattle, Washington that complimented everything she’s doing to the fullest extent. True Crime opens with a crazy orchestra sounding beat where the DREAMERS take the first verse explaining a lonely night that all changed when pulled closer under the crying sky in greater New Orleans. Romy seems to take the role of the girl that DREAMERS painted a picture of. She explains how she hypnotized them so sweet that you surrender, enough to pull him under her sky. The DREAMERS go on to explain what she did was a True Crime for making him fall so far underneath her witch spell.

DeathbyRomy has so much more to come and if you don’t already go listen for yourself and follow her on Instagram @deathbyromy and follow us @engmtcent for more content!