Los Angeles Artist Brings A New Sound To The City of Angels

With such a unique Indie/Alt mix, Blaze Olsen proves happiness is produced through experience, rather than societal fairytales.

A talent well-needed in the trying times of 2020 and 2021, Blaze Olsen has set out to spread absolutely nothing but good vibes and welcome everyone into the vibe tribe. This pact of sensational people and even better experiences, led by Blaze himself and his pup Apollo, proves that it’s perfectly acceptable to lead a life away from societal normality. Although surfing, living in a van, and constructing harmonious music daily seems like a fairy tale much too good to be true, Blaze has done just that. With a strong social media following on Tik Tok and a building fan base on Instagram, the life of Blaze Olsen proves to the world that a white picket fence in the suburbs is not a dream come true for many. With life revolving around experience, rather than expectation, Blaze pours adventurous stride into the construction of his indie/alt-based tracks –specifically for those attempting to escape.

Shortly after releasing his first single, Love Me, on May 22nd of2020, Blaze and Apollo packed up in their van and moved out to the beaches of Los Angeles. Consisting of angelic instrumental samples, followed by moderate dips into synchronized bass, Love Me set forth the groundwork for the future sound of Blaze Olsen – a sporadic and story-telling one at that.

With a handful of releases such as Dark Secrets and Awaken to follow,Blaze’s signature piece that really caught our attention released on & named 6/18/2020– exactly 6 months prior to his birthday. The track, well, revolves around this significant half - birthday. From an analytic and metaphoric standpoint, this song is immensely different from all of his other works and publications, with lyrics emphasizing the ideals of “feeling lost”. This work happens to be released shortly after his large-scale transition to move out to L.A. in his van – which could’ve forecasted some questionable emotions of uncertainty.

However, following the release of 6/18/2020, Blaze appears to have narrowed in on his sound, gaining more and more streams domestically, while keeping up an active social media presence. As the City of Los Angeles becomes more comfortable, Blaze sounds to have embodied the lifestyle as a part of his personality – to be heard through his released works.

With a three-part release so far into 2021, Cloud City has impressed us so far – but we can’t wait to see what the 2021 Blaze Olsen has in store for us throughout the rest of the year!


Make sure to go check out Blaze on Instagram @blaze_olsen, on Tik Tok @blazeolsenand us over at @engmtcent for the newest releases of 2021!



-      R.B.