Looking Forward into Orlando's 2020 Hip Hop Scene

With much to appreciate in the year 2019, Orlando's rap scene is as ready as ever to take another major leap in 2020

As 2019 came to an end, Orlando’s rap scene more eyes on it than ever. For the first time in a long time, we can honestly say people were watching Orlando rap, closely too. As we end 2019 and start 2020, we all can agree rap has become more and more prominent as a whole.

But for Orlando, this is different.

Give it a real look and you’ll notice some of the up and coming stars coming out of the 407. Artists leading the way include individuals like Tyla Yaweh, who is coming off his first tour in 2019 with Post Malone. This all after just his debut album entitled “Heart Full Of Rage.” After all that work, now he can hear thousands of people chanting back that they too are “High Right Now” from city to city.

Perhaps Orlando’s quickest riser in 2019 that needs to be mentioned is Danny Towers, who early on in 2020 will be wrapping up the second leg of the Stokeley Tour. It’s safe to say these days Danny’s “feeling great” while he grinds harder than he ever has. We at Enigmatic had the privilege of seeing Towers, an Orlando native,  live at our own shows before the huge mosh pits you see on his Instagram today. His breakthrough came with the “How You Feel” single off DJ Scheme’s EP, but he was quick to show us his extended talents on his debut album “Tarantula”. This is a classic, hard rap album with breakthroughs of our “Derby”  rapper singing melodically as he shows off his versatility on songs like “Sunday”.

The Yaweh and Towers duo are a big product of the movement in Orlando to date, although far from the only ones putting on with the amount of talent we have coming up.

Of course one can’t mention the Orlando Hip-Hop scene without fitting 9lokknine into the conversation as well. The West Orlando native and his cousin, and frequent collaborator, Rugrat OD are killing it across the US with tracks like “Pop My Shit” off of the “Mind Of Destruction” album. Continuously showcasing their talents in more than just Orlando, these two are debatably two of the most nationally recognized artists coming from the O.

Artists like Grownboitrap have contributed in a major way to this shift as well. Grownboi gave us an early Christmas present in his newest single and visuals for “No Standards” which has been climbing in plays since, with rumors of a debut project on the way. In addition, Marco XO’s EP “B.Y.E.” showcased not only his crazy lyricicm but also the ability to hit several flows in a single track. Noting that he hasn’t performed at his city since April 2018, we’re all more than ready to hear “B.Y.E.” for the first time live back in his hometown. The late Fall release of “No Love” from Jhaysarrival will be the hardest song you hear today, all while you wonder just who the young Jhay is. Just wait til you hear more, we’ll all know the name soon enough.

In addition to some of these bigger names making splashes on the scene, there’s no shortage of smaller names at the moment that could experience a breakout year in 2020. Artists like Dave From The Grave, Rackzgod, 458Keez, Rico Cartel, and CHG Glo to name a few are just some of the many primed for the big time soon.

The culture is exploding and Orlando is finally showing the hidden talent we have stored down here, and now that it’s out there it’s no surprise we see it start to expand over the states.

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Written by Dyllon Adkerson