London Artist Radiates Billboard Chart Energy

With big-name American artist features and support, nothing's holding Bree Runway from the top.

Coming out of London, UK, Bree Runway has begun making a name for herself from across the pond. Bree has been releasing music since 2016 and has skyrocketed ever since. Her first track, Butterfly, is carried over an intense trap beat, then mixed and chopped vocal loops where she harmonizes - asking if you're high or low. If released now, fans would go ballistic due to the power and attention derived from Tik Tok. It seems Bree has been ahead of the game for a while, with people only finally catching up to her invisible lane - which allows her to experiment on every track.

Bree has continued to maintain the insane rage-style tracks since day one. Spurring back to 2019, her EP Be Runway Bree’s track 2ON sounds like something you’d hear on a wild and chaotic amusement park ride. Bree changes tone and tempo various times throughout her work, beginning with a drill vibe - where she delivers lyrics about tinted windows so you can’t see shit, how does your girlfriend despise me, yet she is bumping my songs. As Bree continues, the entire beat transforms and transfers to a more high pitched tone in which she sings about lights down low when she comes through; Then quickly, Bree snaps back rapping intensly over the crazy yeah vocal loop.

In November 2020, Bree dropped 2000AND4EVA, her debut album with crazy features like Rico Nasty, in which both women compliment each other's sounds insanely. Over a rock beat, LITTLE NOKIA her and Rico go back and forth, singing that he only hit me with that text when he want that goddess level sex. Rico hops in the middle after an alarming change of tempo - delivering a few bars to add texture inside the track.

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