Little Rock's Finest Dynamic Duo

Getting Down with the Two Arkansas Siblings Changing the South's Hip Hop Scene

Making some of the most noise from Arkansas, in terms of Hip Hop, we’ve heard maybe ever, the iconic brotherly duo of ZaeHD & CEO (yes, real brothers) out of Little Rock, Arkansas, have been supplying the dance music vibes to the people for a while now. Both matching up with each other’s distinct styles over hard beats and lyrics that fans love to turn up to on any occasion that presents itself. You may have caught the duo dancing on TikTok, or have stumbled across the dynamic duo on your own Spotify searches as they have recently been doing numbers. The two are bringing back smooth moves from the early 2000s glory days of Chris Brown, the mid 2010s with trendy groups like Migos, and others combined with their hard lyrics to match in an extremely fun fashion.

There's nothing better than seeing an artist who’s truly into their music, constantly hitting new moves on stage, and getting into it on stage rather than lazily performing with minimal effort. In the case of Zae and CEO, the two bring a unique type of energy that can’t be matched when creating the music in the booth or from a listener’s perspective as they tune in on their headphones. You have to experience it live to grasp the full scope of their sound and music style they’ve created for themselves. From creating to performing though, you can catch them screaming their songs on Instagram to get a feel for this extra element they bring to the table. The visuals for “Cookie Shop” are another perfect example highlighting the energy they bring too.

ZaeHD and Ceo’s first release was their single Goodnight in August 2018. From there, the pair released four more singles until their first album entitled HighDefGang Vol.1 released in April of 2019. The album's biggest hit, and their biggest song to date, ALL IN has reached 17 million Spotify plays to date while four others off the album reached two million plus streams. An absolute accomplishment to be new artists, without label representation, and to do the numbers they did while seeing their listeners and fanbase skyrocket. Their latest album, a follow up to their first release entitled HighDefGang Vol.2 hasn’t yet caught the traction it deserves since its Christmas release, but that will assuredly change soon. Expect to see much more of the duo this year.

These Little Rock natives are all about the music and their growth. Make sure to keep up with both @ZaeHD and @CEOHD on Instagram as they continue to find their own lane and show everyone what they’re about.