Latest Project Release Pushing Buzzing Orlando Artist to the Forefront

Exploring how #FloridaMan Dave From the Grave is taking his game to another level

Skurr, Blurr! Guess which one of your favorite West Orlando and #FloridaMan natives is back from the Grave with their latest project? The Rosemont product himself, and an early face of the next generation of Orlando’s rap scene, Dave From The Grave is back again with the release of his second mixtape entitled #FloridaMan this passed month.


Toting his usual one of a kind and next-level lyricism, along with the charismatic personality we’ve all come to know and love, Dave has seen his fair share of success since his last self-titled mixtape Dave From the Grave which released around this same time in 2019. However, it’s the progression that the West Orlando rapper has shown in his delivery, versatility, and overall production quality that has taken his sound to new heights all around.


The newest #FloridaMan tape, which includes features from the likes of popular underground rappers such as Bobby Fishscale, Mook Boy, Loosekannon Takeoff, and Bossman JD, includes standout tracks such as Dickies Fit, Ms. London, and Belly of the Beast among others.


These three especially highlight a continued evolution in Dave’s delivery as he continues to lace his bars with vivid wordplay but at a different pace. Even with a little more rasp and grit to his voice as well. Showing no fall off in his vivid storytelling ability too, #FloridaMan is a fresh voice from a new and improved Dave From the Grave that’s looking to continue to bring his gritty, hard nosed trap sound to a mainstream audience.


Maybe the best part of this entire mixtape roll out though? The marketing and product placement Dave along with his management team such as CEO Crooks. From the well thought out listening parties to (our personal favorite) customized #FloridaMan bags there isn’t much Dave and his team can’t do, especially when it comes to the creative realm.


As always, make sure to keep up to date with all things Dave From the Grave on IG @davefromthegrave as well as the latest with us here at @engmtcent on all streaming platforms.