Lady Jesus

Reflecting On Last October, UPSAHL's Debut Album

Coming straight out of Phoenix, this artist has reinvented what it means to be a rockstar - unrestricted when it comes to genre and structure. UPSAHL has returned, her debut album “LADY JESUS” has zero features and not one track repeats with idiosyncrasy. UPSAHL has a tendency of going above and beyond, and this album is the perfect example of that. Not many other artists take the time to make breakdown videos for each song, live performances and the various other content pieces over a release. Work ethic mixed with raw talent has always been an unbeatable combination, and UPSAHL just meets this standard on a whole other level.

The entire album is a play on the fact that many people believe Jesus is, or must be a man. Track No.10(“Lady Jesus”) emphasizes this the most in which UPSAHL finds her place over an insane production piece created by Jonny Shorr. Opening up and welcoming you “to my(her) funeral” saying “right here lies the body of the bitch I used to be, If she didn’t get to heaven I hope she rests in peace”. Essentially saying she’s evolved, comparing “It’s the second coming, baby, watch out”, UPSAHL takes a whole new form on this track. Singing about “speeding down 5 ‘cause she already died”, the track is enhanced with almost crazy, somewhat hyper pop sounding transitions. Between the lyrics, production and tone, be assured “Lady Jesus” is nothing like anything you’ve ever heard before.

Track No.3, “Time of my Life” has been one fan favorite since the beginning; UPSAHL is unmatched when it comes to expressing herself smoothly. She sings of being “done with twenty-one” further explaining making “a bunch of friends so” she “can use them as excuses to get drunk”. Even on her birthday, feeling as if “all the worst days are in the time of” her “life”. If UPSAHL has been receiving a lot of the things she desires, yet still going through it, even on my(her) birthday” she “still wanna die”. These statements wrap around all listeners, proving that each and every one of us, create our own ideal moments in life, yet you can’t always control anxiety, depression and it can be hard to see through.

UPSAHL had what may seem to be a quick shot towards fame with her hit “DRUGS” that has since received nearly 90 million streams on Spotify alone. Truthfully, she’s an example of what extremely hard work and consistency can bring, whilst creating some of the most innovative, controversial artwork we’ve ever seen, if you dive deep enough. She’s a rockstar through and through, creating authentic pieces which relate to her audience in more ways than can be listed.

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