LA Artist Makes Use of Honing a New Sound

See how Blxst merged California hip-hop into a universal R&B.

Growing up in LA, you see lots of clout rappers fly in and out - however, this rapper is doing something entirely different and starting to gain recognition. After the new No Jumper interview, his best piece of work to date No Love Lost dropped September 4th. The album contains no features, just Blxst and his re-invented sound, going from the singing, melodic chorus to his bars. Giving everyone lots to talk about, dropping a hit single 6 days after the album featuring another west coast great.

The album’s biggest track Overrated was released just less than a month before and was the perfect peak of what’s to come. The track is far from Overrated, and as many may assume he isn’t talking about himself, just a track asking his girl to just give him loyalty cuz life is overrated. Going on to rap that this money ain’t nothing if you got nobody to share it with. Saying he’ll never switch, got his heart on his sleeve, no problem wearing it. The song has a radio ready chorus that kids can start singing along to after just one listen, not only that but good messages and a genuine reason for the track in the first place.

No Love Lost is over a sad beat with some old school sounding snares that old heads can appreciate. Yes it’s another track about love, explaining that if he go, know ain’t no love lost. No matter how long he’s chasing his bag he still has love for his girl saying he’s been away for a while, but he know it’s still all his. It’s clear over the years he’s been working but we don’t often hear about those our favorite artists loved ones, Blxst is letting us know how it is.

Blxst isn’t on beats like most trap rappers just hitting between the snares and 808’s, there’s something different where he really rides the whole thing. Extremely prominent if you listen to the difference between him and 1takejay on their collab track Slip & Slide. Not taking away from 1takejay, his verses are needed and he’s an incredible artist. Blxst however just does it differently than anyone i've heard. Blxst’s second big feature Streets Ain’t Safe is his newest piece, featuring the legendary Mozzy. The two go together where Blxst’s notable chorus once again resonates differently before Mozzy gets a little deeper toned with crazier lyrics. Blxst sings about how his girl wants him to stay safe, but he promises to be back home because he stay dangerous while in the streets. Telling her he’s just gotta run it up before he comes to hit it.

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