St. Louis Creative and Music Making Extraordinaire Taking It Next Level

The 'Heartbreak Hotel' phenom that's experiencing a meteoric rise in 2020

King B, a new rapper out of St. Louis, is beginning by addressing some of the issues revolving around his hometown. While Heartbreak Hotel just dropped on July 31st, King B’s first album, back in May 2019, definitely entails his biggest song. After just 3 singles, he decided to call out the nonsense in the community and ask for an end. He did it well, and it did well.

No More Crying, King B’s fourth track ever, he begins saying he’d been drinking lean and taking pills till he’s dying. The message he conveys is that too many losses are happening to the point he had to tell his Mom no more crying. Saying that the gangs hate each other, and asking to please cut the nonsense. We all have moms, we all have losses, and he feels all this bad is his fault. While they get stressed trying to make it out, either getting high to cope with loss, or taking lives is both ultimately leaving mommas crying way too much.

Let Me Go is a damn near R&B song where King B showcases his ability to sing and rap about a sex scene. He says she loves him and when she put it on him his soul starts levitating -  even though things between them are complicated. Singing they aren’t always there, but when he gets excited, King tells her to put her phone on silent. Then, when she’s done she tells him she has work and clowns on him - when he does want more than sex. He continues to explain Pulling on her hair and how it isn’t always perfect, but when it’s good, it’s amazing.

King B feels he loves everything that’s toxic, from drugs to money to girls - he loves it all. He says he’s so sick and tired of the love and then you hate me bullshit games. He’s falling in love with the drugs and they got him exhausted. While he’s worried about drugs he’s worried about her running in and out and it has him asking who you playing with? Explaining he’s living and learning, but that all adds up so he’s burning all this money fast because of his love for toxicity.

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