Awaiting Kill Jasper's 2021 Intro After A Quiet Three Months

Exploring the Southern California Artist's Rapid Rise

Compton’s very own Kill Jasper made a strong intro into the rap game back in 2020 and hasn’t let off the breaks since. Kill Jasper was said to have been writing music since the age of 6, growing up to a variety of influence, not so much just Compton, as stated in a Grooverelly interview, he found inspiration from acts like Eminem, J.Cole, Meek Mill, Mac Miller and many other great diverse legends. You can differentiate Kill Jasper from his voice to his flow and even the beats he chooses to hop on.

While 2021 has been a dry year so far, it takes only 6 songs to see where Kill Jasper is headed, showing what knew all along after dropping out of high school in just 10th grade. His latest track from November of last year entitled Pretend is close to surpassing his first breakthrough Kill Intro. Showcasing his talents as more than just a rapper with bars such as warning "you just gon get fucked for the night and that's it, baby my bad but he can’t never love a bitch." Diving in to explaining some drug usage about "a lotta fucked up habits he sees codeine all in his piss," Jasper excels in creating catchy hooks that sink into listeners minds after just a few listens.

Another track entitled 2 fast, which dropped just before the pandemic, has Kill Jasper singing a bit more about not wanting "to wake up 2 fast with a bitch thats you bad, all cause these drugs don’t last too long." Reminding her that he "don’t wanna hear why you sad when he’s down him damn self," saying that "these drugs too strong when he pop pills and smoke gas till he’s outta breathe." Another song that deserves much more love than it’s getting, but you know the payoff is on the way with this insane consistency within his discography.

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