Keep The Speakers Warm, Jantsen's Ready for More

With festival season coming to an end, one Colorado producer is keeping his momentum from main stage to the clubs!

     Frontrunning the Colorado EDM scene alongside some other stapled names such as Illenium, Pretty Lights, and Said the Sky, another midwest producer has put his very own spin on things. Having worked on several projects with artists under Liquid Stranger’s collective Wakaan, including Mersiv, DJ and producer Jantsen has spent the last 12 years crafting the niche of electric wobble. Outside of Wakaan, Jantsen has done several projects with artists such as Dirt Monkey, hyper-focusing on the space-bass esqe artillery sound.

     Arguably one of the best head-banging sounds to leave your neck sore post-festival, Jantsen recently played Forbidden Kingdom 2021 in early June, in Orlando, FL - and absolutely decimated his crowd. Withstanding the 100 degree heat, Enigmatic showed out to catch a glimpse at Colorado bass, here in Orlando. Although seemingly difficult to snip ties, much like other collaborating artists, many hyper-bass wobble artists have inspiration stories regarding Lorin Ashton, formerly known as Bassnectar. Following the release of allegations and resignation from music, the sub-genre took a large hit, simply due to the dissociation fans wanted from illegalities within PLUR. However, deeming credit where it’s due, Jantsen carried the weight of the sub-genre as a whole on his back and made sure, alongside other artists, fans and artists were able to separate the art from the artist. Just like most festival goers, Enigmatic is thrilled the genre hasn’t spoiled - but yet has rather expanded through constant E.P. releases of dedicated artists, such as Gutter Til I Die, Shakin’ The Kutz, and Gutter Juice, all released by Jantsen.

     Just as the blaring bass wobble has become a signature sound of any Jantsen track, his individuality in between each and every track remains an astonishing feat of the veteraned producer. Having started his production career back in 2009, Jantsen taps into his ability and experience of transitioning EDM culture to modify his sounds to his very own perfection. With that being said, many bass artists create the ‘neck-breaking’ atmosphere for their crowds - yet Jantsen choses to leave his fans with an indissoluble ‘bass face’.

     So far through 2021, we’ve received two E.P. 's releases under Jantsen, Shakin’ The Kutz and Gutter Til I Die, but we can’t complain during festival season, as his live performances have been absolutely ballistic. His latest release of Gutter Til I Die encompasses the authentic Jantsen sound and would be a phenomenal listen for new, excited fans to check out. He’s also very active on social media, @jantsenr on Instagram and @jantsenmusic on Twitter, so go make sure to check him out!

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