Just How Heartbroken is Tes X?

How Tes X's Unorthodox Sound Has Lead to a Serious Buzz

A small up and coming young talent, Chicago native Tes X really has a unique, special sound I find similar to the late XXX and Atlanta rapper Lil Keed. Tes raps of seemingly random things, feelings, and often doesn’t have to say much in a song but still can reach deep into your feelings in an organic, natural way.

Tes first fell on my radar when his track Danceee was released among his first EP Am I hUmAn? back last summer in July of 2019. The song has a catchy pace that just doesn’t feel like a common rap melody as Tes X sings “I don't wanna dance” for the chorus. The track has collaborators Lincoln, Nate, and Kelso chime in with their own verses as well. Tes X finishes the song rapping “I’m at the top now” as he takes control of the song and the beat seems to disappear as all you can grasp is the words and tone of this young star. Many artists struggle switching up their flow and sound on a track, but he takes a soft track to a darker place with lyrics like “talk shit then his ass get shot down” effortlessly.

Earlier this year in 2020, our most recent work from Tes X we received was Riding Arounddd and You & I, released as teaser tracks for his eventual album 807 I’m HeartBroken LOL. Expressing feelings towards someone in an overall sad tone on these two tracks, Tes X sings that his ex has “been on my mind” while he explains coping “off the drugs I been wasted” and drinking a whole bottle of hennessy. The pain is present in these tracks with deep dark lyrics of how missing someone can truly make you feel. These songs showcased extreme improvement in the young talent’s style as Tes shows fans once again he has found his sound, as many fail to do so early, that is unique to him and caters to a thoughtful, primarily emotional, audience. However, Tes goes on to diversify himself quickly in his upcoming album. From title to lyrics to beats, he shows he can appeal to all of us, even the careless and the unstable.

But 807 I’m Heartbroken LOL has me on edge. Tes X stated this album is more of “throwaways” on his Instagram story, teasing his fans that there is much more, and better music to come. But when I listen to this, I definitely don’t hear throwaways. I hear hits. The diversity of this album is insane and ironic. Even the name contradicts itself, stating that it’s a heartbreak album, yet still Tes X is LOLing. Xully Intro is the lead song, starting with a ruffled “All the pain won’t end till they die” and repeating this until it gets cleaner while the beat stays rough like a heavy metal bass sound. While the second song Loveee (my personal favorite) questions if “love is the definition of your pain,” and is soft all the way through. Tes does tell us that the events “may or might not be true” in Soul Masterr, so it's obvious to not take everything to heart. Tes loves keeping his fans questioning him. I for one can’t wait to see what’s next.

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