Wavy Midwest Artist Creating a Melodic Lane of His Own

Midwest turned Pacific Northwestern artist packing heat with vibey club hits

Jay Loud is Indiana’s new club hit maker. Now residing in Seattle, he’s been grinding since back in 2018 and has built himself a nice seat in this rap game. Sitting at almost 100,000 monthly listeners, this shows he isn’t just a hit maker that drops something that people listen to a few times. His monthly is just shortly behind his streams on his bigger tracks. So once you listen to Jay, expect to be one of the many waiting for more. Especially now, this is the year he’s applied the most pressure with 8 tracks before summers over and no album - yet.

Shame On You dropped late June and is already making noise close to his biggest yet. The new Jay Loud has a different sound and it comes with crisper 808’s and harder punch lines in a sense. Stream Shame On You and you can see, he raps jump out the gym like jordan, brief pause, then 808. Then saying shame on you he got to playing with your hoe. “Got his dick inside her neck cause he like playing with her throat.”  Then he says your girl wants Christian Dior so he had to kick her out the door. Jay don’t catch feelings too often, he’s busy tryna go far and that’s all he has room for.

Don’t Call is another hype song where he sings a bit more sounding similar to a Roddy Rich with a new voice and crazy bars over a guitar loop that's been stripped to sound similar to a Gunna type beat. Jay sings I don’t wanna fall, rather just ball changing tone over and over to keep you engaged. Saying all of his bitches be lit lit, cute in the face and they thick thick. Telling her to throw it back some more so he can reach her soul, getting her in her feelings. But Jay says he’s a dog so there won’t be a call back, telling her get back cause they ain’t cool like that.

This year he really identified his sound and it’s far past time for the Jay Loud takeover. I can’t remember the last artist from Indiana who did it with no major features, except for only one from the underground - a super talented rapper named Laza. You should all go check her out as well. Promise Jay Loud is up to bat with whatever comes next, it should be big. I’m thinking it's almost album time for Loud hopefully.

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