Jacksonville Native Continues His Meteoric Rise

With the release of his latest project, Problem Child 2, Watkins proves he's ready for the spotlight

Far and wide Jacksonville’s most talented rapper on the rise, Dee Watkins, is a representation of the talent contained in Florida waiting for their mainstream shot at the limelight. Of course, it didn’t take long before he linked up with Jackboy, another insanely talented South Florida artist, culminating with the two dropping their first and hopefully not last collaboration entitled Cash App just last Friday in anticipation of Watkins highly anticipated project Problem Child 2, which released just yesterday.


When Dee is asked about his “tools” and told to “chill out,” he emphatically says screw that saying if he puts the “gun down,” he’ll just “beat [him] blue and black” instead. In his usual melodic, lyrical style Watkins takes no prisoners on the beat displaying a versatility that so many in Florida have come to know and love. Jackboy really kills the beat rapping savagely as well, detailing how he’s the type of guy to “f**k her raw, then fill her up with plan b,” and saying he “ain’t scared to put some cheese on your head.”


Besides this fire track, Dee has been coming with straight heat for some time now, looking back now it's hard to believe his first song was the legendary Got My Heart. Where he sings that he “got so much love for [her that she’s] his best friend,” to more recently popping tracks like Bad Ass Jit, his most notorious single that went semi-viral on TikTok dropping back in April 2019. A hard trap song that does get deep and soulful although potentially this heartbreak and pain of his past that he details so vividly is why Dee can reach so many different types of people.


This latest work, Problem Child 2, continues to follow the mold of what Dee has brought fans of his that now span all over the entire country in terms of hard-hitting, real street stories from his past and present. Playing with beats that range from everything to hard trap, gangster rap, and a modern gangsta-soul sound made popular by many in the South now a days the project features popular underground artists like NoCap, OMBPeezy, and Quail P too. His lyrical ability and versatility to match make him a must listen for high energy music fans everywhere and PC2 without a doubt is some of Watkins greatest work to date. Tracks like Bands Flip and Fake Sh!t are early favorites for many and highlight a wide range of versatility that only continues to grow for the young Jacksonville rapper.

Certainly deserving of a lot more credit than he’s getting currently, go give Watkins a follow @dee.watkins and be sure to go stream this latest project of a North Florida native we see with star potential to blow very soon.


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