Influencing From The Start With J. Zarati

J. Zarati, out of Atlanta, experiments throughout his entire debut album showing diversity and range from lyrics to delivery.

Atlanta’s new wave of hip hop has new artists establishing their own distinctive lane in a Playboi Carti sort of fashion. J. Zarati had started releasing music in 2020 with Missed Out, a more traditional bass heavy track where he showcases his raw talent delivering bar after bar for fans to luxuriate in.

Lean&Problems is a Playboi Carti styled beat, attacked with an alternate tone and profound sense of lyrics. J. Zarati has a whole new sound showcased here where he raps about how they sip lean by the gallons and loads. He speaks in revolution about being on the bottom when nobody help, swimming in pain like he’s Michael Phelps - asking where the f*** yall was at, so now you can’t be calling him bro. 

The second track really shows J. Zarati’s experiments with his sound, where he raps over a much simpler piano styled beat with easier ability to recognize 808’s, and still kills it. Nowadays (nanana) has him reminiscing on when he had to rob out the stores. Questioning, how you gonna hold me up front but stab me in the back, once again noting how no one was calling now they get credit when J. Zarati’s the one who started this s***. 

J. Zarati’s first album THE MAIN BUTTERFLY dropped just March 13th of this year - composed of 8 tracks displaying his diversity and experiments behind the mic you haven’t heard anywhere else. 

Go check him out @only_1zarati make sure to give the album a listen and check us out @engmtcent for more on what’s next!