Introducing The Queen Of Otherworldly Bass - VAMPA

Intertwining all fans of bass music, VAMPA is primed and ready for the 2021 Festival season...

       Lending an olive branch towards the bass music community, intending to link those who follow in suit of new wave dubstep - to those still passionate about the older regime, VAMPA is hands down one of the most tracked names amongst the North/Southeast electronic dance music scene. With each performance acting as an opportunity to accommodate listeners of other genres, VAMPA’s live performances encompass wooks, bassheads, rail-riders, and even the common pashmina wearer with melodic trance bass - reinstating the fundamentals of EDM. With a wider groove of mystic lyricism at play, VAMPA is rapidly bringing forms of otherworld bass and dubstep to the masses at renown festivals all across the country, having started with Moonrise, then branching into larger venues such as Okeechobee Music Festival, Miami Music Week, Hulaween, Zen Awakening, Forbidden Kingdom, as well as Fractal Beach.

       Having originally gotten into DJ-ing and EDM production in college, Emily Mucha at the time, rapidly found her niche for wobble bass and frequencies, in which often composed the original dubstep tracks that took the charts by storm during the 2010’s. Similar to live action scratching, the original skillsets of DJ-ing and bass music production are very rare to see continued into the 2020’s, however, when brought back for live sets - there is no greater blessing. Due to the vast amount of accessible samples, loops, and creations provided to modern day artists via Ableton and Serato, a unique sound is much easier to create and brand in comparison to other artists who’ve been in the scene for much longer.

       Although encompassed in a supernatural alteration for stage performance, it’s clear that many of VAMPA’s songs and projects reflect very human encompassing. Referencing to her two latest projects, Blood Moon, an EP dropped this year, and her second youngest EP from 2020, Dark Matter EP - the thematic cues dive much deeper than simply delivering her listeners with wubs. Blood Moon included occult references of ‘ascending higher’ with another, delivered alongside the bass phrase of ‘Will you come for me?’ The bass phrase, being one of the significantly more remembered lyric of any track appears to always be meticulously chosen by the artists - just prior to the bass drops and jump, leaving fans and listeners in shock and awe. Similar to Blood Moon, Dark Matter EP is filled to the brim of questions, especially within Masquerade. Asking ‘Who are you? What’s your name? Dancing in this masquerade.’ Embracing the uncertainty is a driving force in almost all of VAMPA’s projects, and an admirable one at that - as uniqueness, mystery, and self-appreciation are fundamentals throughout almost any form of EDM.

       With more and more festivals releasing lineups each and every week we’re beyond excited to see which ones list VAMPA across the top! With Blood Moon is still fresh on playlists and stream count, absolutely go check out her latest track, as well as featured radios across all streaming platforms - included on her social media @VAMPAofficial. Check back in with Enigmatic, @engmtcent, later in the week for our New Music Friday’s, artist and producer interviews, as well as more insight to some of the hottest names in the industry right now!