Introducing CloZee - A Multidimensional Performer in a Lucid World

Is 2021 the rebirth of world bass? We may believe so...

            Hailing originally from Southern France, Chloé Herry, more commonly known as CloZee, has combined worldly wealth in the form of discovery, adventure, love, and peace for fans and listeners across the globe. Standing out on all stages from Electric Forest to Coachella, Deep Tropics to overseas tours, this electronic artist has perfected an exemplary sound – welcomed in all corners of the world. With such a rhythmic figure and lucid engineering, no such umbrella term can properly encompass her sound except for world bass.

           With each show outside national borders, CloZee grows her sample selection and worldly magnetism – having shown this after releasing her single Koto in 2015. Having obtained the most streams to date of any of her songs, Koto, named after the main sample instrument of the track and also the national instrument of Japan, is a perfect example of her multidimensional expansion. Being one of the most sought after and universal names on both labels she is signed with, Gravitas Recordings and Otodayo Records, her listeners and streamers derive from almost anywhere lucid bass is found.

           With such a deep rooting for the sublet of worldly organic and inorganic bass music, spurring from artists such as Bassnectar, Griz, and even Porter Robinson – the industry hiatus through 2020 is expected to rebirth the organic/inorganic blend. Fans and listeners alike should expect a huge differential year for CloZee with the return of shows, festivals, and more in-person collaborations. Go check out her latest single Zest Please on all streaming platforms and keep up to date on her announcements via Instagram, @clozeeofficial! Pop back into Enigmatic later this week for more artist announcements, interviews, and release dates soon to come!