Internet Money's Next Project Phenom

Exploring one of the Bay Area's most talented teenage vocalists

The next Justin Bieber is among us all, and goes by the name lilspirit. spirit, from the Bay area, is already working with some of today's best and biggest creators. After Internet Money signed him as recently as this past Spring, he’s now released one debut project with the music industry's newest darling since not to mention several features on the label's most recent collab album B4 The Storm. With Taz Taylor and Nick Mira constructing so many superstars, how can you listen to spirit and claim he’s anything less, if not more?

His only album, entitled american spirit, is a fourteen-track piece with beats done by the power team and insane melodies, not to mention an incredible voice over a one of a kind beats. As guitars and heartbreak continue to climb back to the main mainstream, you can expect a lot off this album and it’s what you'll hear in the young udding superstar's sound, at it’s finest.

droptopbitch, one of several standout tracks, has him asking a girl to come have a romantic getaway with him and "see the sea." Now, she wants to "be a drop top bitch when she ridin," but spirit recalls "when you [she] wouldn’t even try it." Take her "Ridin round, federal," has more than one key like that. Even though lilspirit does "all these things...for you," she still can’t make him fall for her. In reality, it’s a classic flex song about making women fall for you after they see what you have going on or the spotlight continue to grow.

Another track, entitled Ugly, carries a similar theme about how "you look so ugly when you lying to me." Spirit feels "nothing when you crying to me," saying how "fine [he’d] be, if you left." Singing he’d be fine because he sees a "lotta different faces, [and] different places," as he's "got 10 bitches and they dying for him, so he’s just trying to get you out the way." He already told her "I loved you," but that all changed after how ugly you look lying to spirit.

On come home he sings that he's "wishing I could shoot you in my veins," so deeply in love feeling "the holes in my brain." He says every time he tries to leave his significant other he says "I don't love you" but ends up wishing "she could take him away," or "just hear you say my name." Falling in and out of love with mixed emotions, it's time to say goodbye as he goes about attempting to cut strings, but finds the emotions he has are too deep.

With an artist in lilspirit that has so much dynamic range and massive potential, make sure to go check him out @lilspirit on Instagram and tap in with us @engmtcent on all streaming platforms for more content!