Talented West Coast Duo Making Noise in Alt-Rap Scene

The Two-Man Crew that's Carved Out a Niche of Their Very Own

Spurring out of the Sacramento, CA, the longtime friend duo and collaborative partners, iMAGINARY Other and Chuuwee, the group Imaginary Friends came to life in 2018. With iMAGINARY Other focusing on mostly production at the time, while Chuuwee took his talents on stage as a rapper, the tag team crew excelled at creating a new sound for an unheard audience. Taking a step away from the Wiz Khalifa kush vibes, Imaginary Friends focuses their lyricism about the ups and downs of dropping with their friend ‘Cid.


Krystal, their most streamed song onSpotify right now, opens with, “I saw a girl who wasn’t there. Long longlegs and bright blue hair. She stares and stares, I wave she stares. Today I hope she isn’t there.” Not every story or trip has a happy ending, as most of us know but Imaginary Friends really solidify that gold isn’t at the end of every rainbow. Krystal stands as an entry point for many of their listeners, not only because of the popularity, but also as a very neutral “acid-trap” style. Throughout the track, Chuuwee starts changing the focal point from the acid trip and more to past experiences with women, specifically his ex.


“If we don't talk that's cool then. But how come every time I'm doing shit you hit me with the 'hey how you been'. You tryna play me for a fool bitch”

Alongside Krystal, the entire album Tip of a Tab (PO+) speaks in depth to those obsessed with Flatbush Zombies or Kid Cudi’s Day n’ Nite fanbase, as the constant theme throughout the project is coping with being alone; Not only coping, but the art of being content with being alone and how difficult that is to achieve. In the track Milk of Tip of a Tab (PO+), he raps, “Who you wanna phone with? Coping with my demons was a long one. Elixir made my double cup I had to drink a strong one.”


Only two years into the collective, Imaginary Friends has already shown massive potential in what they’ve done, and what they’re about to do. We’re expecting HUGE things from these guys, and you should too. Go check them out on all streaming platforms, and always, loop back to us at Enigmatic on all social media platforms @engmtcent for more underground names to get you through your day.