Ice in One of Atlanta Buzzing Underground Artist's Veins

Exploring Tommy Ice's Rise to the Top of the A's Underground Rap Scene

Tommy Ice, Atlanta’s newest heartbroken artist flexing his music making muscles, has been carving out a cult following fanbase that attaches to his lyrical stories about success driven by feelings of not being enough instead turning to creating art to show his own worth. The best example of his more modern alternative hip-hop meets Nipsey Hussle-esque lyrics being his latest track Keys to the Benz. Where his message explains he knows money isn’t the key to happiness, yet it certainly does help.


Tommy says matter of factly to start off Keys to the Benz that “they say money’s not the key but it got me the key to my benz,” saying money might be a big portion of the key at the least to getting to where you’re trying to be. Or at the very least, the resource to get you there. In the past, having been used to “waiting for [her] text,” in feeling useless and waiting on someone Ice explains how his mindset has changed and he’s bossed up to “chasing money” instead of waiting on others. In return he’s gotten a lot further since making this change and has “a half year rent on [his] neck.” 


The whole story arch of the track revolves around Tommy being unhappy and waiting on a girl he’s into. But as he details, and many of us have experienced, the moment “everything went right” is when she “left.” A classic story of life coming full circle, Ice talks of how he was down to commit to her and gave her his time “waiting for [her] text,” so when she left he quickly switched focus to the money. Soon as the money came in, of course she was back, camera out, and full of jealousy. Leaving Tommy continuing to question whether money is “the key” or not, as for now it being the “Key to [his] Benz,” is more than enough.


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