Houston's Transcendent Young Talent

We bet you all had 'No Idea' this Cactus Jack label mate would blow as quick as he did

Hailing from Houston, Texas, home of the “Astroworld” that Travis Scott helped re introduce to the city after his rise to success over the course of the past half decade, Don Toliver is one of our most intriguing and promising up and comers as of late.

The Cactus Jack label mate of mega superstar Travis Scott was put on “Can’t Say” a huge hit Don often goes unrecognized on due to Travis’s decision to not list his features. This is not to say Don has not caught the public's eye, especially as of lately. Take one listen and I guarantee you just might find your new favorite artist.

Although Toliver is off to a hot start, let's take this story and his early history in his career back a bit. Don didn’t just get handed this feature, that isn’t the way this industry works. The first trace of Don Toliver I remember is “Diva” all the way back in 2017, which he did ultimately add to his album entitled “Donny Womack” in 2018.

After this his numbers slowly ascended, releasing 6 other singles before the Womack album, releasing one day before Travis’s “Astroworld” on August 3rd, 2018. Don Toliver hit, and hit hard. When it was time to deliver he had it all ready, the big song and his own album to drive him nowhere but up. Songs like “Diva” (being released a second time) and “2 lil shorty” were way too catchy and far too elaborate and detailed lyrically to be ignored.

Around eight months go by and his fans finally see a return in “Back Up” a single featuring Wiz Khalifa, a crazy collaboration that brings back nostalgic memories for many of Wiz’s decorated early rap career. Even with their respective flows and styles being so different, the two come together to create something that comes out so perfect on a triumphant style beat.

Then of course, displaying his versatility, Toliver had to slow it down and refocus on the ladies with another single shortly after called  “Best You Had”, his most played single without any features to date at the time. This was a big statement to everyone whether they already liked or disliked Don, this shows something to anyone who knows a bit of the industry. Little did they know what was to come next.

Then yes, don’t think we forgot, his big payoff came when he released “ No Idea” four days later, which now is all over the charts worldwide with an assist from social media apps like Tik Tok. Toliver is now at over 110 million plays on Spotify off this single alone as now everyone’s watching the young superstar worldwide.

Travis started his label Cactus Jack Records with his overarching goal in mind to give a platform to help artists with what he perceived as having immense industry talent and no industry flaws forge the start of their careers.

Signing Don Toliver from Scott’s same hometown back in August 6, 2018, just four days after Toliver’s debut album. Cactus Jack Records has turned into a dream for rappers from Toliver to Sheck Wes that are on the rise to catch a contract with. Being a rapper from Houston on the rise with obvious talent and a sound similar to a Travis/ Young Thug mixed together allows the opportunity to have crazy hooks and melodies with spirts of rap in between that stay in your head all day.

These on an application catch the eye of a genius like Travis very quick, and as you finish up this article, and listen for your first or sixth time, you'll understand just what Scott realized and saw in Toliver too.

Last thing to touch on here is the “Jackboys” album, one of the hottest albums out right now. A huge contributor to its success being Toliver, he touches on songs like “Gang Gang” and delivers a flawless hook that brings us back after Sheck Wes goes in on the beat. Don changed the entire flow of the album with “Had Enough” a slow intro that rides the beat and speeds up as the track keeps running. Toliver appears again later on in the album on his and Travis’s exclusive song “WHAT TO DO.”

All in all, he may be just starting to begin his climb to the superstar ranks and household name status he desires, but Toliver’s supremely talented artistry is far from even the beginning of its prime.

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