Hop Outta Bed, Rock Out Again with Lonr.

After his viral Tik Tok sensation in debut single "A.M." we take a look at just how special Massachusetts native Lonr. really is

After touching briefly on an artist that went cross country from Delaware to Los Angeles in 20-year-old Lil West last week, let's again take a look at an artist who went from Massachusetts, total opposites, and learned to not only write good raps but also produce his own sound. Add into this come up such amazing production that kids across the world dance to it on Tik Tok and you’ll have our man in Massachusetts native Lonr.

We have to admit, Tik Tok as cheesy or childish as it may seem has helped up and coming artists like Lonr. tremendously in a sense that it brings music that wouldn’t otherwise be heard due to an artist’s small popularity to kids that can find a catchy part of the tune and record themselves over and over for millions to hear and see. Really taking advantage of one’s social media platform in our modern society. For Lonr., “Hop outta bed, rock out again” was a crazy start to what’s clearly a promising career.

While this may appear to be a one hit wonder, I can promise that is not the case for this young, self made artist. His second single entitled “Safe Zone” might even be an improvement both in terms of the lyrics and deeper meaning behind his music itself, something we truthfully don’t see a lot of anymore in the music industry as artists continuously struggle to convey lyrical emotion into their art these days.

Releasing this second single back in late November, his follow up to his smash debut in “A.M.” features a much slower, more detailed, and emotional track. Touching on his feelings for a girl he used to hold “so tight” who now wants him to forget, he goes on to explain that “these feelings” are just “too strong.” Living inside his love’s lies as soon as he’s “lost in your(her) eyes”. The main catch of the chorus is his confession of the reason he feels this way, he likes wild girls. Which most of us probably figured out Lonr.’s knack and draw to the fast life on “A.M.” as well.

Lonr., once again wrapping feelings and emotions into a song over a fitting beat, just feels right and really hits for a large demographic of people. Which I think long term is only going to work to make his star rise and his music grow wildly in popularity.

But the thing that others don't notice is the pieces he leaves behind for a majority of people to feel relatable to and attach to him. How many people do you know with a fear of falling? How many people miss a person and or have been called or called someone crazy? These are genius lyrics many don't think of or utilize, you can listen to this song on the giving or receiving side of the message and be satisfied from either perspective.

Lonr. deserves a much bigger fan base and more recognition for the sound he creates in the studio, and I expect to see that growth the moment he puts out any sort of project or collection of work.

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