Front-lining The Memphis Cultural Resurgence - Fresco Trey

'Wearing your heart on your sleeve' has been given a new meaning.

     Similar to Yo Gotti, NLE Choppa, and Key Glock, another Memphis-raised artist has been crafting his sound for years now - and Enigmatic think’s it’s about time it brought him to the top. Developing  a median between R&B and ‘high-spirited’ rap, Fresco Trey has evolved into a multi-talent artist who’s definitely not afraid to speak towards emotional topics throughout rap and hip-hop. While sex sells, Trey has been putting the industry in a reality check for the past year, addressing the shadows of love and emotion - as well as glorifying the good discovered within the little things in life.

     While growing up, like many other youth in the modern age, Trey found it difficult for his voice to find impact. Searching for a creative outlet, one where the most important person will be encouraged to listen (himself), Trey found himself amongst solitude in a recording studio. Little did he know, through the upcoming passion and hunger for effects of impact, he’d shortly be on the fast track to the mainstream charts.

     The first track that really caught the eye of Enigmatic was the 2018 release of Don’t Make It Home. The smoothness of Trey’s voice, heavily emotional lyrics, and guitar instrumental brings absolute chills to anyone listening. Many artists fear using their platform to discuss societal issues, even if they are personally impacted, for running the risk of losing fans or upsetting publications - but not Fresco Trey. He promised impact with his voice and that’s absolutely what he delivered on. In between Don’t Make It Home and his two most recent releases, Feel Good (2020) and Luv Don’t Live Here (2021), Trey experimented with his talent through other genres from deep R&B with Miss Me, to a remix of Drip Too Hard off Trey’s Ruff Ryders six part album. Although keeping pace with Lil Baby on the remix, it’s obvious Fresco Trey is far more embellished and passionate about his emotional art within R&B and ‘feel-good’ hip-hop. 

     Having recently surpassed 1,000,000 streams, Feel Good (2020) has become Trey’s most streamed and shared release to date - and beautifully combines his emotional intellect with his hip-hop artistry talent. Definitely go check out his latest work on major streaming platforms, as well as keep up to date with Fresco Trey on social media, @fresco.trey. 

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