From the DMV, to Coachella, and Everything in Between

Unapologetically true to herself in everything she does, the XXL Freshman is braced for a massive 2020

One of three women in the music industry to grace the cover of the 2019 XXL Freshman List, Maryland native Rico Nasty, didn’t always have the success some do at the beginning of her career when she was unable to initially get her footing and set up her team around her. This changed quickly though as this polarizing artist has since gained so much respect from the hip hop community and her peers (and entertainment industry as a whole) as well as created a significant mainstream and cult following for herself over the last three years.

The Atlantic Records superstar has a uniquely loud, scratchy, and intense voice over most of her uptempo trap-esque beats.  Ultimately, creating a modern hip-hop meets heavy metal infused sound.

In other words, listen if you’re in a raging mood.

Starting with Smack a Bitch from back in 2018, this being one of her biggest hits to date, the song really displays Rico’s one of one style to the extreme. With crazy lyrics like “we’ll smack a bitch today”, Rico lays in front of you some of the internal feminine thoughts that are often bottled up and empowers women everywhere to unapologetically be themselves in a society that often doesn’t allow it. A healthy way to blow off steam and also feel that self love and sense of loyalty for her people around her in lines like “getting money, then you know we all got a plate.”

Two other songs to mention where she slowed it down with more chorus and singing are songs “IDGAF” and her song “Time Flies” which was in the new Madden 20 by EA sports. Most of these songs have no significantly massive features, this woman really went out and got her own bag her own way with all said.

Add in her Coachella debut last Spring in 2019, a collab project entitled Anger Management with legendary producer Kenny Beats and featuring the likes of Earthgang, appearances at New York Fashion Week, among many other career accomplishments to date and one starts to see the scope of where this young mother is headed.

Oh yeah, did we mention she’s accomplished all of this as the proud, and clearly busy, young mother of one?

Also worth note, and our favorite thing about Rico, she’s ascended to the top of the ranks in the music industry without fitting that age old stereotype as a widely sexualized female artist. She still maintains her freedom of choice and has the power on what she decides to create musically, how she chooses to brand herself and her platform, as well as how she promotes her own work.

For an east coast girl born in the Big Apple and raised in the DMV area, her style of music and personal sense of style in fashion resemble that of a Midwestern aura. Cutting edge, progressive, edgy, and bold are just a few adjectives that come to mind when exploring the unique personality that comes to mind.

Recently making a whole host of album watch lists and an early favorite that has the potential to garner attention for album of the year, make sure to keep up with Rico Nasty on social media @riconasty and follow along with us as we watch her continue her climb up.

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