Flyassglo Wants You to Know 'Why They Hate'

Richmond Heights Up and Comer Drops Final Single Before Mixtape Release 

A busier month for Flyassglo and his fans just got busier. Detailed in previous posts, the Orlando up and comer has been anything short of quiet over the past few months leading up to his debut mixtape release, 19 Years of Hate (19YOH), on May 4th.

Following up his two visuals and three single releases, Glo caps off his last of his pre-drop releases with the release of 'Why They Hate' which will be the mixtape's final track.

He lays it all out there for his fans, painting a vivid picture of his childhood and life to date, while unveiling the true meaning and concept behind not just his mixtape but ultimately his life to date. When picking a single word to describe the nineteen-year-old phenom, the one that most quickly comes to mind is versatile. His versatility on uptempo bangers like 'Ape$hit' to the melodic autotune in 'Why They Hate' there's no doubting the range in Glo's discography.

Ahead of the mixtape release, Glo will be performing live on 4/20 at the Easter Classic in Orlando, Florida in addition to a performance on the day of the release on May 4th.

Make sure to check out Glo live and keep up with him on social media as well as all streaming platforms leading up to the 19YOH release @flyassglo.