FlyAssGlo Releases Second Single Off Upcoming Mixtape

FlyAssGlo releases his second single 'F*ck$hit' off upcoming debut mixtape 

FlyAssGlo is back again, releasing another single off his widely anticipated debut mixtape 19 Years of Hate (19YOH). The album is capped with features from other local Orlando, Florida artists such as Envy P among others.

Glo has been giving his fans no shortage of new music lately, this single releasing just weeks after his hit song 'Kowabunga' was released as well. After an interview with Glo, he told Enigmatic he is "excited to help put Orlando on the map and continue to build a name for himself" in the industry.

Glo is rumored to be releasing music videos for these singles as well as other video content in the coming weeks in preparation for the full release of his mixtape.