Florida Native Pushing the Limits of Modern Rap Game

Sarasota's DREJ proving that he's out for lyrical greatness

Fresh to the eyes and ears, the discovery of an underground artist by the name DREJ reassured he’s not stopping until he’s hit the top. This 19-year-old from Sarasota, FL makes hit-making look like a cakewalk amongst the other new talent. With an all encasing form of production, his beats leaving nothing out, whether it be 808’s or piano instrumentals. After having a Teejayx6 pulled on him and scammed for some bread – DREJ realized how cutthroat you need to be to be a great, and he’s here to show it. As bold as it may seem, he sounds exactly what you’d expect from a Juice Wrld x Polo G mashup and keeps lyricism flowing throughout each track.

Although he’s been published backdating on Spotify until 2018, we’ve seen only singles so far which frankly teases us of a whole album. Nonetheless, his recently featured song On Everything shows nightlife and club potential. Whether it be losing brothers or being played with by scammers, this entire track solidifies his lust for diamonds and wealth on, well… on everything.

The most streamed song on his page currently, Lazy Famous featuring Brandon Gomes shows similar flow and melody to some of the most popular tracks by J.Cole, showing tones of reminiscence, rather than Juice’s flow. With smaller name’s it’s difficult to see how far many new artists are going to go – but with DREJ that question’s already answered. With only singles released so far, he’s already got over 3,000 monthly listeners via Spotify & we can only assume more absolute bops will follow, since heat can only expand.          

Make sure to go check out his Spotify as well as his IG @Drejjordan and come back for more updates @engmtent.