Flo Milli's Rapid Rise from the Underground Scene

RCA Records label mate making major noise in the industry

It’s likely if you’re an avid TikTok user, or fairly involved in Hip-Hop Twitter, you’ve come across Mobile, Alabama’s RCA Records signed rapper Flo Milli, and her hypnotizing catchy ad-lib "Flo Milli shit." But don’t be mistaken, this talented Southern rapper is creating hit after hit and making sure those in the industry understand that it’s no fluke. Rather a result of a work ethic unparalleled by any other. Bringing a Comethazine meets Rico Nasty-esque style her second to latest release Like That Bitch resembles Comethazine’s classic track Walk.


But on July 10th, the Mobile native released Weak, featuring a beat and delivery similar to Drake’s often heavy-vocal looped, soft spread 808’s that proved she had a next level in her versatility that near nobody knew she possessed. 


Without a doubt, Milli has some crazy fast bars. But she can almost just as effortlessly slow it down (like on Weak) after a hard, first few lines in verse one rapping “these n**** weak, they been texting me all week,” unapologetically asking to not “be calling after three [she] tryna sleep.”


As she slows down during the bridge and hook to divide verses, she sings to those who choose to listen to “run dat cash up” and not worry about bullshit. It’s here that her true artistry, understanding of how to impose her own vision and will on the beat, and next level potential stardom shines through. To keep it simple, Weak is your classic “keep it moving” song but more lyrical than most of today’s mainstream takeover dance songs or club bops.


Diving into that other side of the talent that is Flo Milli more, she possesses a strong ability to create catchy bops such as her single “Like That Bitch.”  Opening with a hyped sounding, muffled “yeah” as part of the beat with a siren/horn going back and forth with a dark piano Milli emphatically declares “I walk around like that bitch,” to help in introducing the chorus, allowing listeners to attach to this part of the song and wait on the edge of their seats for it to appear again, singing along with just one listen. She raps about “shopping till that time pass” while you “go to the clearance rack,” looping back into the chorus and changing pace in the process by leaving space between her words. Most importantly, Flo is bold and oozing with confident when claiming the “crown” and stating she’s “the queen now.”


We certainly see no reason to doubt her on that assertion. She backs it up in everything she does.  

Flo Milli has had a very steady, grassroots type climb since her start increasing in numbers and following with an authentic trap rap sound. Expect to see a lot more growth from her as she continues to break into the mainstream scene, and of course make sure to follow her first @flomillishiton IG to be early to her wild ride up the charts.


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