Exploring the Internet Money Sensation's Growing Buzz

The West Palm, Florida native budding with potential is in store for a big 2020

POORSTACY, the twenty-two year old South Florida native, has always been one of the most interesting up and coming artists in the game. As he’s cultivated his own unique massive cult following fanbase, he’s also become one of the most extreme Rock/Rap emotion filled extremist artists in the game recently. As many of you know, POORSTACY is signed to Internet Money, one of if not the most successful independent labels in the game and rapidly growing for such a young company. From an uncommon area with an uncommon sound, I promise POORSTACY will shock you to your core.

Having only released 3 pieces of work to date, and while we do have reason to expect an album soon, there's not much to go from here. He has a similar background to most Internet Money artists that take over the mainstream when it comes to waiting in the shadows for their opportune moment to blow. POORSTACY released i don’t care in September of 2019 and since then he has released I Can’t Sleep ft. Iann Dior and Darkness most recently. Some reason for his relatively ‘quiet’ start in the booth during 2020 is in large part due to POORSTACY leading in a support role on Iann Dior’s debut nationally headlining Industry Plant Tour alongside Red Roses star Landon Cube. Gaining the respect of artists with a similar style, and appearing on Iann’s track “URSELF” off the album (and taking over the main chorus at that), are all far from ‘quiet’ though as he builds more from a marketing standpoint.

That being said, POORSTACY with help from Taz Taylor are playing it right and his name is spreading like wildfire. As the rock scene slowly comes back, he definitely is planting his foot, but not without giving himself options. As you listen to Darkness and hear the heavy guitar with lyrics like “everytime I see the light you bring me Darkness” speaking to someone who's done him wrong anytime STACY gets a breakthrough. Flip over to the track makeup off his first album, and its much of the same mood except much more of the pop rap vibe. Wanting “things to get better” not to “breakup”, this generically describes his style. STACY has made a few statements about an album being in the works but there’s no forsure date yet, keep an eye out for an official announcement hopefully coming sooner rather than later from this talented young artist.

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