Experimenting with Mariah the Scientist

Exploring one of Atlanta's most talented up and coming female vocalists

Mariah The Scientist has solidified herself as one of the most slept on female vocalists out of Atlanta after a strong close to 2019. Her biggest hit to date being “Beetlejuice” off her album “MASTER” with 500k plus plays on Spotify, is her only piece of work that she's blessed us with so far in her career.

Her music stems much from her own personal trials and tribulations in past relationships specifically relating to both the toxicity and abuse within them, hence the name “MASTER.” Not to mention the cover art of her sitting underneath a man who’s gripping her neck in a controlling, violent way. This album goes much deeper and tells stories difficult to speak on but helps comfort others who went through similar circumstances. There’s never enough voices within our music world that are as vulnerable and open when it comes to subject matter as this, and its importance is unparalleled.

One particular track entitled “Not A Love Song” speaks on a significant other cheating on her that she had deep roots with herself but wouldn't admit to herself she wasn't the only “til the golds in the dresser proved that you were never good to me(Mariah)”. Explaining an entire scenario and stating to the fans exactly what this track is about to me speaks a lot to her vulnerability and openness as an artist both with her fanbase and the world as a whole. Mariah is unapologetically herself in everything she does, especially her music and sharing her life experience to date.

Mariah gained a majority of her attention and popularity extremely recently thanks to a feature on Trippie Redd’s latest album “A Love Letter To You 4” on the slower track called “Abandoned” which fits Mariahs’s style as she absolutely killed her portion of the song. Begging for their lovers attention this song can be interpreted as they’ll “be gone” by the time they change their mind in two ways. One being finding better and the other not surviving without their lover in that duration of time. This is the type of deep thinking Mariah continuously shows in her artwork.

We can expect much more projects with different ‘experiments’ on every song from this Scientist, and I look forward to seeing the recognition she deserves catch up with her talents. The next time you want to be in your feels or need some sort of reason to vent or decompress go listen to Mariah’s work and get yourself right.

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