Evolving And Distorting Bass Music - One Track At A Time

Fresh off an EP release, we're ecstatic to see what else Mersiv brings 2021!

Mersiv : I. Having a complete mental, physical, and spiritual embrace to the present moment of sound. II. A discovery of oneself through music.

     Crafting something more of an experience rather than music, the Mersiv Sound Project began in 2017 by Anderson Benoit Gallegos - targeting a form of distinctive, deep-energy bass music. Embodying an interactive lucid dream persona, the melodic waves of Mersiv rise magnificently - and crash like no other artist in bass music. Mersiv marks a change in the streaming patterns throughout all of electronic dance music, as very few other artists can obtain <5,000 streams on single releases across major platforms, then proceed to absolutely demolish 3-5 sets throughout a 3-4 day festival such as Electric Forest. Just prior to the festival hiatus of 2020, the last festival to host Mersiv, Okeechobee, had Gallegos play in sequence with LSDREAM and Tipper. However, unexpected by all, the energy fused into the crowd by Mersiv’s lustrous and loud bass was incomparable to any other set throughout the day.

     With such a demanding stage presence, putting every bit of energy and effort into expanding the Mersiv affectation upon new listeners, experienced dubstep fans, and even lovers of experimental beats - it’s clear how the largest influencers of the Mersiv Sound Project have been G Jones, Nero, Liquid Stranger, Excision and Flux Pavillion. While many bass artists entered the industry listening to the 2012-2014 dubstep era, the largest challenge proceeding is to tap into the artistic vision and progress the preexisting sound into something unfamiliar - and that’s exactly what Mersiv did.

     Phase One EP is definitely an Enigmatic favorite, as the crossover between deep-bass and acid-bass is at its highest convergence within Mammoth Horn; Meanwhile, Chants in Church showcases the deep-bass wobble that Mersiv is so well known for. Jumping forward to 2020, the single release of Bermuda’s Triangle contains the same lucid melodies of Mersiv’s older work, yet much more advanced and geared towards live sets - as the trance beats are absolutely lethal. However, with festival season already begun and a full nation of tour dates already booked, Mersiv’s remix of Psychonaut by Liquid Stranger and the latest EP, Legion of Boom are sure to be exhibited to the masses.

     The Mersiv project does no favors, yet extends an open invite to explore the subconscious space through lucid melody. If it hasn’t been apparent yet, the growth we’ve witnessed from this artist throughout the last years has been nothing short of amazing. Check out his latest EP, Legion of Boom, for yourself and witness how deep bass can truly get.

We’ve got some big things planned throughout summer so make sure to check back to Enigmatic for more updates, interviews, merch and media releases soon!