Entering the Garden of Eden

Golden, Campbell, and Freaky Pat Team Up for New EP 

With the release of the new groovy R&B/indie EP 'Eden' we've got two newcomers on the Enigmatic page in Connor Golden and Carmen Campbell.

Accompanied by 'The Time Being' releasee Freaky Pat, the trio come together to provide a smooth and soulful four song EP with a incredibly wide range of sonics and great pace. Truly unique is each artist's individual ability to bring something different and unique to the table. From the piano keys, to the vocals of Campbell, and more to name just a few. One can only imagine how fun it would be to have been in the studio for this one.

Mixing aspects of Hip-Hop and Rap into the overall sound as well does nothing but enhance the quality of the project as well. The perfect summer vibe with a slight old school flare as we are heading quickly into the month of May.

Make sure to keep up with the trio on all streaming platforms worldwide as well as on social media too.