Eastern Asian American R&B Artist Tearing Up the International Music Culture

A global superstar waiting to blow may start to see his time inch closer with newest single 'LAVA!'

If you were to create your own modern R&B artist from scratch, what would they look and sound like? A traditional, versatile vocal range with dance moves and swagger to match like legends such as Chris Brown or Jeremiah? Or maybe someone a little more lowkey and trap soul influenced, such as a Bryson Tiller or Ryan Trey?


What about an LA born native, turned Asian American (and currently Taiwan residing) sensation that can effortlessly flow back and forth between English and Mandarin while simultaneously mixing R&B sounds of the Eastern and Western music worlds?


We take pleasure in introducing to you this exact, Nicki Minaj co-signed artist and Transparent Records backed label mate Øzi. The 21-year-old songwriter, producer, rapper, singer, and film director has been tearing up the Chinese entertainment market for the better part of the last two years now. Highlighted by most recent accomplishments that include Taiwan’s GQ Man of the Year, Golden Melody Awards ‘Best New Artist’ and Chinese CMA ‘Best New Artist’ of the year honors.


That’s a rap sheet many artists struggle to reach in an entire career, much less the mere first two years of a professional career.


Banking on “an effortless charm and unique sound,” Øzi’s raw vocals and lyrical story-telling is hypnotizing while totally unlike anything else currently in our music market here in the States. As he and his management turn their attention towards becoming more of a household name in the United States, there’s plenty of reason to believe why Øzi could see a meteoric rise in the near future internationally.


With an infectious aura and ‘one of a kind’ personality, and a fashion style that has seen recognition from every major high fashion designer worldwide including Burberry, Valentino, and Hypebeast his artistic vision both in and out of the booth is unparalleled. And although many songs in his current music discography lets these aspects of his stardom shine bright, his latest single LAVA! shines brighter than the rest.


With a mesmerizing, ‘summer anthem’ type instrumental (self-produced at that) that features a cacophony of other-worldly sounds Øzi flows effortlessly up and down on the hook as he sings “say the word I’ll make the drive, just one night I’ll make you mine,” painting a picture so vivid any listener can relate to.


With this song, along with many others in his catalog, hitting Spotify playlists worldwide LAVA! alone has already topped over a million streams worldwide with other hit singles like B.O. touching close to 12 million. Not to be slept on or forgotten either are his beautifully captured visuals for LAVA! that feature well thought out set designs, conceptualization, and impressive wardrobe (to be expected from this fashion killer) to boot.


All in all, if there’s one artist this #NewMusicFriday you should lend your ears to it’s the one and only Øzi. You’ll be thanking us for putting you on now before he blows, and you hear him on radio waves worldwide.


Make sure to keep up with Øzi on all social media platforms @ozifp as well as with us here at Enigmatic on all streaming platforms @engmtcent to keep up with your next favorite artist.