Dynamic UK Band Tearing Up the Alt-Rock Scene

Exploring the 'Throwaway Generation' Collective's Alt-Rock International Success

One of the biggest oxymorons we experience throughout life proves to be something we all have or have had atone time – youth. It allows us to believe we’re invincible from everything in this world and can accomplish anything we choose to set time into. Yet, we chose to spend those days in basements shooting the shit, rather than prepping ourselves for a long future of days wreathed in vulnerability. A beautiful aspect of music, however, is that it allows us to disconnect from the present and dissipate to where we want to be, rather than where we actually are.And you know who’s proven to do that superbly? FLOWVERS.


Hailing from Portsmouth, U.K.,these guys have been tearing up the alternative scene for several years now and really got their ball rolling for expansion into international streaming and downloads – with the large addition of American listeners. The 4-member band, alongside their DJ, dropped their first Spotify collective EP just this year, having only released singles until this point on the streaming site. TheEP, Throwaway Generation, has deep roots of youthful love, bliss, and ignorance, especially in Nosebleed. FLOWVERS showcased this project as the perfect ending to their first chapter for the group – but also as a rendezvous for chapter 2 to begin.


We’ve seen a lot more of English artists making their way into American playlists, but most specifically withinIndie or Alternative explore pages with artists such Declan McKenna. It’s wicked to see a hint more punk added into the Indie scene as of lately;Personally, the teenage angst was a major kick starter for getting into alt rock and indie – so seeing this comeback allows those nostalgic “scream in the car” or “singing with a cigarette in between your fingers” memories.

We’re expecting big things to come in the future with FLOWVERS and you should too – so go check them out onSpotify, Soundcloud, and Instagram @flowversband & slide back to Enigmatic for more updates on upcoming artists of all genres!