Delaware's Hidden Gem

Uncovering rising 20-year-old Lil West's mammoth star potential from our nation's smallest state

With 2020 officially off to a fast start out the gate, and as we promised here at Enigmatic more content for our fans and music listeners worldwide, one of our newest weekly features I’m excited to be kicking off is our Artist of the Week feature.

With there being an overabundance in the amount of talent and quantity of hip hop artists across the US currently, it’s often hard to tell who’s really got that “it” factor and what’s just white noise versus true talent and artistry. To put it simply, it’s a hard task to find your next favorite music artist.

We often hear “have you heard this new song” or  “this rapper’s so fire”, yet they have nothing in terms of quality music to back that up. A lot of talk and not a lot of action. Agree or not, there’s a lot of junk out there, but I’m here to present to you one man that I can promise you won’t have to skip through on any of his albums.

Hailing from Delaware, the smallest state in the U.S., 20-year-old Lil West has made quite a bit of noise early on in his music career. Recently having inked a deal with Republic Records, if you’ve heard of him or not make sure to show your friends and  “put them on” Lil West. Don’t worry, we won’t tell.

While he has impressive bars and elite level lyricism he really can stick to singing while still killing a beat, the best example of this being “Pay Me,” giving him a very unique sound. All this paired with high production level and a diverse catalog of beats. This man is truly not relatable to anything popping right now. He’s his own sound, a one of one.

Whether you start with “Vex Part 1” or 2, there is art in each especially with features like Calboy on “Want Love” (Vex Part 2) and Yung Bans on “No L’s” (Vex Part 1). Not convinced yet? That's alright, his non-featured songs are just as hard. Press play on “Hot Sauce” and my personal favorite “Bad”.

Lil West is an extremely strong personality in and outside of the booth too, with an underappreciated understanding at such a young age of how to brand himself as a music talent and capitalize on his gift. I mean, c’mon, the man sold his own Lil West branded hot sauce with the release of one of his songs.

As of lately, West has been teasing us with snippets and pictures with artists like popular Chicago and Midwest area rapper Ppgcasper and global teenage superstar Lil Tecca.

Go show him love @lilwestbb on Instagram, his talents haven’t been fully discovered and we ask you all to help with that as his blow up officially starts here in 2020.

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