Deep Diving into Traveller's Through the Roof Potential in the Indie Scene

Southwest Florida native shaking up the game in his own way, and own terms

One of Southwest Florida’s most promising young talents, signed to Pulse Recording, is once again making noise. Nate Traveller, an early-icon with through the roof potential, is letting his music speak to the loners that do and don’t quite fit in when it comes to their own respective lives in a very Dominic Fike-esque manner. His own sound makes the alternative genre, The Neighbourhood-styled songs, cool again. Traveller can make upbeat and deep songs too, over heavy 808s and interesting melodies, that put you right in a trance.

His first release dating back in 2018 featured a mini-project entitled Alone, with just three songs total. Of the three, two songs really stood out as Reflection gained one and a half million plays. The first track on the EP, Reflection opens with “I’m a slave, to my emotions, not able to help the feeling and wanting to just drift away.” This verse explains this emotional significant other that is all Traveller can think about, but it’s also the only time he doesn’t “feel tied down [they always] build it up just to pull it down.” A relationship he can’t get out of his head, so they continue trying just to feel the same pain in the end.

You is his biggest smash hit however, with over 2.6 million streams on Spotify alone. This song is an absolute, alternative/indie masterpiece that could fit on any playlist with some of the best artists in music right now.  In the song, he illustrates a pretty-pictured romance with emotional lyrics like “you care for me, when no one else is there for me, provide air for me,” before then going over the bass with an added vocal loop word for word. He states slowly “My…mind...I...want to get it right,” between gaps in the bass. Showing a knack for lyrically structuring his songs in a unique way, Traveller plays with words explaining to this partner that “no words could convey, feelings on his heart today, but after all he just wanted to make a sound, for you,” before his vocals then fade away as the song comes to an end.

Since the EP, we've only had three other tracks to base our impressions of Nate off of, one coming in 2019 entitled Blossom, where he pours out his soul saying “he’s seen the bottom and still feels the same.”

A love track that talks about how being at the bottom can make the love stronger even with problems that may come with it. In 2020 though, we’ve been blessed again with Airport, another song about a breakup that went rough before a “plane ride, one (ride) that’s never felt so long.” One aspect that can’t go without mentioning - for this track too -  is that when Mills steps in for the feature and picks up tempo it adds a huge difference in terms of versatility that wraps it all up beautiful before Nate finishes with his chorus one last time.

The newest release from Nate in 2020, called Sunset, came back on May 22 and features Nate singing that he “want(s) to see another sunset with you.” The track features another incredible talent, ripmattblack, that sings that he will be at Sunset after “she sleeps in because he knows it’s time to say goodbye.” The two team duo on this song is incredible and we can expect much more from Nate hopefully this year.

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