Dave From The Grave is in Your Nightmares

Dave From The Grave continues insane tear of new music with the release of visuals for single 'Nightmares'

There's not even an argument to be made. Nobody in the 407 has been working harder than Rosemont's Dave From The Grave.

Releases over the past month from the grave include songs such as Who Run It, Skurr Blurr, Randy Moss, Bed Bugs, and Suge (Remix). And that's only to name a few. In addition to song releases, fans of Dave have also gotten visuals for Who Run It and can now add to that list the eclectic, provoking, and unique visuals for his song 'Nightmares.'

With an almost horror movie esque intro, Dave plays directly into his name's moniker as the intensity of his lyrics and personality as an artist combined can be felt on screen.

There's much to be excited about with Dave. His talents as a lyricist for one. In an exclusive sit down with Enigmatic, Dave highlighted his passion for English, Reading, and Writing dating back to middle school and even elementary school. Even getting a near perfect score on the FCAT reading and writing tests. But perhaps even more enticing and exciting for his fans that now span all over the globe is his work ethic.

Make sure to keep up with Dave and his music on social media @davefromthegrave_ and on all streaming platforms worldwide.