Curating One of the Most Adept Artist Labels : The Narrative of WAKAAN

With the announcement of WAKAAN festivals growing each and every year, the future of experimental bass has become untethered!

     Originating in 2003, Martin Stääf created a universal artist alias intended to encompass the entirety of his career work - works of all musical diversity, known as Liquid Stranger. 12 years into the industry as a blossoming psychedelica bass and dubstep artist, Martin created an independent label to house other hybrid trap producers and DJ’s - dubbing it of the name WAKAAN.

     Due to many ‘never been done before’ experimental sounds spurring from the curation of unique talented artists from all over, WAKAAN has without a doubt become one of the fastest growing and most individualistic independent labels the EDM industry has seen to date. Staying true to the rudimentary visions and chosen mission, the efforts to expand the mystic experimental bass production to a much larger crowd and audience has done nothing but excel.

     Upon creation of this ‘wonky space bass’ label, the true endeavor was to conceptualize significance behind this movement, accompanied by a surreptitiously effective name. WAKAAN, translating to ‘Great Mystery’ has drawn from many spiritual and religious paths, putting to great use the convergent symbol composed of W’s and A’s to create triangles. In this case, a triangle signifies the multi-dimensions of a single entity, such as manifestation, enlightenment, revelation, as well as a higher-perspective. In spiritual terms, triangles mark the proper path taken to observe a pre-existing entity from a higher plane or from the view of an omnipresent being. In terms of Christianity, this would refer to the entrance to Heaven, while an agnostic view could consider this to be a quilt of consciousness that intertwines all life. With this in mind, WAKAAN’s creation in the eyes of Martin Stääf is in fact, the higher spirituality plane amongst the electronic dance music arena, attempting to guide the masses towards his ideals of enlightenment through music.

     With such niche requirements to become part of WAKAAN, this freeform bass label does not advertise an artist list, explaining who is directly affiliated with WAKAAN, but it's ballparked around 20-30 individual artists, including some names previously covered by Enigmatic such as LSDREAM, Mersiv, Calcium, and Dirt Monkey - with many other large names not touched on yet such as Ganja White Night, Champagne Drip, Minnesota, and PEEKABOO.

     As of lately, many large scale music festivals have begun the creation of ‘WAKAAN Stages’ within their festival grounds - only hosting WAKAAN artists to go back to back with each other throughout the festivals entirety. Spotify is littered all throughout with WAKAAN playlists in order to help new listeners truly get a grasp of the label itself, as well as the individual affiliates. Without a doubt, go check out one of several playlists to expand experimental and space bass taste and repertoire on any major streaming platform, as well as us over at Enigmatic for more artists discoveries, signing announcements, and interviews from all sorts of influence throughout music!