Cleveland's (Next) Chosen One Heating Up the Summer

A Midwest up and comer continuing to find his sound while climbing the charts

Delivering the sad boy upbeat rap sounds we never knew we needed since 2018, Cleveland, Ohio native Moxas has been starting to find his own lane and new pocket of sound. After beginning with an Eminem and Logic-esque, fast-paced flow he has nowadays slowly adapted into a sound that incorporates a lot of slower modern guitar chords, while still keeping the overall production fairly upbeat. The end product? Creating more emotional music (usually on the sadder side of vibes) that still somehow lifts your mood, while being relatable too.

In late 2019 and early 2020 though, the Cleveland product has been putting out some of his best work to date. Moxas first notable track was SCHOENBERG, reaching nearly 1.8 million plays featuring a creepy beat where the young artist collaborates with Quadeca to create a fast-paced, violent sounding song. Still finding time to say he was doubted as he raps about overcoming the odds to reach his destiny Moxas explains he “Got dropped in the water when they thought that I would drown,” but they never realized he “was supposed to swim.” Moxas had “lost friends to the water” but he's confident he’ll be making it out.

Floor Seats (Text Back), dropped in late 2019 too and is easily his biggest song with over 6.5 million streams on Spotify alone. Reaching into his feels with this one, he explains his often dangerous past from having a 45 gun on the dash to “wearing a 45 on his white tee while at the game in floor seats.” He touches up the end with true, free verse poetry explaining his take on how “love is complex,” as he’s “congested, yet they love contestidely with no protection.”

His first track of 2020 entitled Love Curse is the perfect example of how Moxas can take a grungy guitar beat and completely flip it into something of his very own. With the ability to make lyrics like “snort coke, so she don’t feel hurt,” sound damn near like a healthy and happy lifestyle, the whole song is Moxas explaining he’s upset and hurting yet, “it’s alright” is stated right after the lines “I thought that you really, really loved me” and then “I feel like nobody really loves me, but they might do.” This is a unique gift to be able to understand how to use so early on in his progression, ultimately a tell tale sign of what’s to come.

Moxas just dropped another new track called Excursion July 10th, make sure to go check it out for yourself and follow him @moxas on Instagram and us @engmtcent for more updates on this Cleveland native!