Chris Patrick's Latest Project Radiates Raw Talent

What happens when decades of lyricism and melody blend? Boom-Bap hip-hop makes a comeback.

In a modern music scene filled with mumble rappers, sad boy or emo rap, and everything in between East Orange, New Jersey’s Chris Patrick is a lyrical beast and blast from the past with his own modern twist. First garnering serious co-signs and hype from artists like WS Boogie as well as Dreamville’s JID thanks to Twitter freestyle videos, Patrick has seen milestones and blessings alike reign down to start his career ultimately culminating with one of his latest singles SWISH making it
into this year’s soundtrack for NBA 2K21. Since days of opening up for Travis Scott at colleges in the northeast, the lyrical mastermind that is Patrick has seen his stock rise after catching the attention of other prominent figures in the game like legendary Southern rapper T-Pain and No Jumper's Adam22.

If you’ve listened to the upbeat banger that is SWISH, then you know as impressive as that fast-rapping single may be that where Chris Patrick really flexes his muscle and true artistry is over melodic, incredibly meaningful and thought out bars on tracks such as 3AM and Dreams that bare an uncanny resemblance to some of the great emcees that Hip-Hop has ever seen. Need a shot of motivation straight into your veins? Give his discography a spin and see if you walk away ready to conquer any obstacle standing in your path. His latest project, dropping this past December entitled From The Heart, Vol. 2 (which has since topped over 1 million total streams) is the perfect example of the versatility he possesses at any given time.

With stellar production in his instrumentals and layered vocals/dubs, the true magic in Patrick’s art is that it’s exactly that. Art, true art. He possesses the one in a million story-telling skillset that can only be achieved through a passion and relationship with the mic unparalleled by any other, a raw, authentic, and original back story (with a willingness to be vulnerable by telling the world his story and the stories of those surrounding him), and a never quenched thirst to make this world and the NJ community Patrick’s from a better place. Not to be forgotten though, is Chris’ versatility from track to track as he’s able to switch his cadence and delivery (and his pocket of sound in general) on a dime. No track highlights this ability better than his latest release entitled 3AM, a vibey and almost R&B/Trap-soul song where Patrick shows off not just his usual impressive lyricism but also a new found harmonizing and vocal ability.

Make sure to stick around as the New Jersey product continues to grow, give his latest project some love, and follow Chris Patrick over on social media @xchrispatrick as well as us here at @engmtcent on all social media platforms for more from the Crxssroads artist.

- PL