Chicago's Cream of the Crop Drill Artist Rising to the Top

The Southside Chicago native's impressive takeover in 2020

One of Chicago’s finest underground talents for quite some time now, it won’t be long before Young Jasper and his assortment of talents in the booth are seen on the TIPTOP. Beginning back in 2017 with the release of his popular single facetime, Jasper has been tearing up the underground scene all over the Second City. But 2019 was when Jasper really pressed the pedal to the metal and took an even bigger leap. With only three tracks out in the span of about two years at the beginning of his career, in an oversaturated industry where most artists now put out as much music as possible, Jasper’s approach to his craft is clearly much more methodical. Built around not just his extensive music vault but a confidence in his own sound that took on a “betting the house on myself” type of attitude. Either way, at some point he must've realized just how much talent he was sitting on and in 2019 fans saw a flip as he showed us what’s to come.


Flash Master, the first release of Jasper’s back in 2019, passed 100 thousand plays and with good reason. The Southside drill rap influence comes through over a beautifully reversed beat, with loud hats and hard 808’s to boot. With an instrumental that gives him all the ammunition in the creative room and space to murder it, Jaspers takes to rapping about groupies and his underground takeover with “cameras, lights, movie flashes” when he walks around. From here, we have to dive into some of his biggest hits to date.


TIP TOP is a hype song sure, whether its to get you ready for a night out or just boost some confidence in day to day life. Jasper raps passionately about life in the fast lane with bars like “she gon fuck [me because his] fit lit,” detailing stories of his changing lifestyle and the attention that comes with his lavish lifestyle. Besides the older hits before 2020, his newest music is by far the most well done, with next level bars and production, to date in his young career. 


Gabos, his first full project, dropped earlier this year and from start to finish is a truly complete complete project. Southside, the first track on the project, he paints a vivid picture of life on the Southside of Chicago stating simply “you either gang banging or hustling,” while also touching on never being the guy “standing big and tall” because he’s “mad and shy.” With a vibe similar to G Herbo, you can without a doubt hear the Chicago infused and influenced tone, delivery, and versatility. After this track, the pace is significantly picked up and more in line with the sound Jasper fans have become accustomed to such as on Charged where we see Jasper rap that he “don’t waste bullets for nothing” saying where he’s from the guys “be hanging out, chasing bottles [then] go hang with a thot,” while Jasper proceeds to spend his time more effectively getting money and putting on a “fenti sweater [before taking] your girl….home.” 

All said and done, when it comes to Chicago rap and the Midwest scene Young Jasper is an incredible lyricist within the Chicago drill scene and is nothing short of the cream of the crop.


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