Chicago Street Poet Takes Charts by Storm

Bringing the streets to the studio, Kobe Jxrdan shows unmatched potential.

           With the newest generation of hip-hop artists arriving each and every year, it seems as if the authenticity and originality as to why they enter the industry becomes progressively more captivating. In this case, Kobe Jxrdan has caught our attention, emanating from the East Side of Chicago, IL. His unique spin on Chicago rap does not portray the typical elements of trap, drill, or club hip-hop that compose a large percentage of the industry, but rather comes across as a creative lyricist and storyteller.

           Jxrdan’s earliest publications on major streaming sites date back three years ago to 2018, but his real cornucopia of production can be found on more versatile platforms, such as Soundcloud. His most streamed single, PISCES, is one of many singles released in 2018, shortly before his album Happy Trap. PISCES, having surpassed 1.3 million streams encompasses Jxrdan’s talent as a generalization – but his real talent shines in his single releases, such as GIRL IN FLORIDA. Categorized as a poetic, almost comedic, songsmith, when paired with more studio time and allotted audio engineers, Jxrdan’s potential is unlimited.

           It becomes very apparent that the sole source of motivation and passion he has equipped in his work comes from drawing on street experiences of growing up in Chicago. With just over 50,000 followers and listeners on Spotify, you’d be hesitant to assume A list artists have played a part in Jxrdan’s career – especially this early. This proved not to be the case, as many Dreamville personalities such as J.I.D. and Kendrick have been fans of Jxrdan for quite some time now. Alongside this, Frank Ocean’s largest collaborator assisted the placement of Jxrdan onto Ocean’s Blonded Radio show.

           With no immediate plans for the future aside from consistent music releases, it’d be a perfect opportunity to keep up to date with Kobe Jxrdan on his streaming platforms – as his Twitter is currently suspended, @KobeJxrdan. As always, check back with Enigmatic for the latests releases, updates, and publications in the industry, @engmtcent.


-      R.B.